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Free delivery for all main centre orders over R499

Next day delivery in Cape TOWN

This year we started our morning meetings by sharing our gratitudes. It really helps us connect as a team and sets our minds right for the day ahead. I love that it stuck! On Fridays we follow this up with a quick nutrition insight from Lesley our CEO & nutritionist ~ Yusuf, Operations Manager

About us

Untangl is an online health foods store making healthier eating fuss-free. Easily find, understand and order the right products for your lifestyle.

Eating right shouldn’t be a struggle, it should be a celebration. Yet health foods and how they fit into your way of eating can be hugely complex and often overwhelming. We aim to simplify that. We want you to be able to shop according to your dietary lifestyle, learn something along the way, and own your wellness journey with confidence and ease.

Whether you are just wanting to eat a little healthier, an athlete looking for a protein boost, a busy parent looking for healthier snacks, a smoothie lover wanting ready-made superfood mixes, an amateur baker wanting to ditch carbs or someone needing to change your diet for health reasons, having the right information and a hassle-free way of getting products to your door can help you to more easily implement a way of eating that is right for you.

We will regularly add products, keep enhancing product pages with clear information to help inform your choices and share relevant content about how to use the products at home. In short, we won’t just sell you chia seeds, we’ll tell you why they may be good for you, how to use them and how to make chia eggs for baking!

Developing healthy eating habits is one of the most important skills you can give yourself. We want this to be your “home” where you will find easy access to a curated list of great products and information so that you’ll go from frustrated, overwhelmed and confused to empowered, confident and healthy!

Isn’t it about time?

A little bit about the founders

We (Andrew and Lesley) are siblings who have worked together in the food industry for the last six years. A healthy lifestyle has always been integral to who we are and what we do, but as the pandemic swept over the world in 2020, it has made the appreciation for health, and what that means for each person, come even more clearly into focus. People are realising that if ever there was a time to implement a better way of eating that is uniquely right for them, it’s now. We also know that these changes can be daunting and challenging, so it’s against this backdrop that we decided to create Untangl. We hope you find it makes switching or maintaining a healthy diet easier and something worth celebrating.

Meet the team

I’ve always been fascinated by the body’s ability to adapt to changing diets which led me to a Masters degree in nutrition followed by some incredible food-related work, ranging from menu development for game lodges to corporate wellness. I really enjoy engaging with people about their behaviour around food and how to practically change their cooking and taste preferences in small, actionable steps.

General healthy eating. I’m a fan of “everything in moderation” and enjoy a range of different foods. A good glass of wine also goes a long way!

Vegetarian and dairy-free meals for about six months which worked really well to help manage high cholesterol. The vegetarian part was easy, the dairy-free part not so much! I also changed my diet slightly during my pregnancies based on what I felt my body needed at the time.

I love eating a slow-cooked meal and my husband’s crêpes, but when I’m the one cooking, I’m all for quick-to-prepare, nutritious meals! With two small kiddies we currently tend to cook easy weekday dinners (with enough for leftovers!) and then try some new recipes on weekends. 

It was only in my late 20’s when I realised that eating healthy can be easy, taste great, and most importantly make me feel fully energised. Like many of us, I grew up being drawn to food that was tasty/easy/affordable but not necessarily of much good for my wellbeing. A few years ago I had to go onto a pretty extreme exclusion diet – a daunting experience but one that left me in awe of the power that food (paired with good doses of rest and exercise) has on our physical and emotional wellbeing. My sincere hope is that Untangl can help all South Africans to not lose out on the simple yet powerful leg-up from their food. 

I’m an extreme snacker…there’s a constant rustling of snacks emanating from my desk at the office. I enjoy a lot of fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts, as well as biltong. My main meal portions are therefore generally small, fresh, and simple.

Due to nagging IBS symptoms in 2018, I was advised to go on an exclusion diet to determine what foods may be causing my troubles. I was utterly confused and overwhelmed by the research I had to do to navigate the prescribed health foods. In the end it was an empowering experience and one that sowed the seeds of Untangl.  

My wife and I enjoy simple home-cooked meals. We’ve discovered that we’re creatures of habit so we enjoy preparing slight variations of our favourite tapas, pastas, roasts, and salads. But let me be honest – there’s always space for a rusk or two in the morning!

Coming from a background of Cape Malay foods and Cape Flats junk foods, being a foodie is in my blood. Eating healthy was never a ‘thing’ in my culture. Having adapted to a so-call healthy lifestyle I have felt the change in the well-being of my body. I have two kids, so keeping fit is a must, running after them. We only get older and not any younger. Surround yourself with people who love to feel, look and eat great.

Warm hearty cooked meals. Junk on the odd occasion. Not a fan of snacking, this spoils my appetite of eating a good meal.

A diet to suite my summer body, hehe! This works for about a month and there goes the discipline. 

Easy meals: pastas or wraps. When the wife cooks I want my home cooked meals. 

I have been cooking food for more years than I care to remember. 5 years ago, the way I looked at food changed drastically, I had to rethink everything I was feeding my family. As a result, I am always looking for ways to make our meals more exciting. I am all about comfort foods that are still healthy and nutritional.

We are currently eating a restricted fibre diet; it has been challenging but there are lots of healthy alternatives you can add to your meals.

A few fad diets, but they never lasted. How do you stay on a diet when you enjoy eating good food?

My favorite meal is lasagna, and my second is someone else cooking. I love cooking warm hearty meals that take all day to cook.

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